2021’s Top 3 Routers for a Smart Home

Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) tend to market the default Wi-Fi router in their blurb to be one of the best routers. And it might just be, but when it comes to smart home use, you need to look for specialized routers.

A Wi-Fi router plays an important role in connecting all the smart home appliances and devices you have at home. In other words, this particular router has to be the best at its job, because all your smart home products are relying on it.

When you begin your journey of smart home integration, a little bit of research will inevitably make your search for a good smart Wi-Fi router easier. Word of mouth suggestions are great, but since you’re the one paying, a bit of research won’t hurt.

So, without waiting further, let’s look at some of the best Wi-Fi routers for a smart home. Today, there are numerous routers, and big brands, like Netgear, Linksys, Google, and Asus, all have their very own smart routers that work differently.

But, which one of these is perfect for a smart home? Let’s find out!

TP-Link Archer AX6000

In case you weren’t aware, Wi-Fi 6 is the most recent and fastest form of Wi-Fi today. You can expect more and more router models to start supporting Wi-Fi 6. In fact, you can even choose to upgrade your current router to a Wi-Fi 6 router to get a more efficient and faster Wi-Fi performance.

Another amazing fact about Wi-Fi 6 is that it’s compatible with older devices as well. However, your new router won’t do much to speed them up. In other words, it’s perhaps still too early for people to start getting a Wi-Fi 6 router.

That is because you’ll need to have an extremely fast internet connection to notice the speed difference in the very first place. That being said, if you’re still keen on making an upgrade. Or require a new wireless router and would rather have one that’s future-proofed for many upcoming devices, then the TP-Link Archer AX6000 is the one for you.

The Wi-Fi router has excelled in its performance tests by having the capability to deliver the quickest top transfer speeds ever recorded. Moreover, it has low latency and an excellent range. It may not be the cheapest out there but will work great with your smart home products.

Nest Wi-Fi

Nest Wi-Fi is undoubtedly one of the best mesh routers out there for the past couple of years. It provides a fast wireless speed, has a rather simple setup, and its app controls are a no-brainer.

In fact, to take full advantage of its wireless speeds, you should consider getting the Nest point alongside the Nest router as it’ll give blanket coverage to all the devices in your home that require an internet connection, especially for all your smart home products.

The second-gen of Nest Wi-Fi is much faster and a more affordable kind of mesh networking. Also, it’s still as easy to use and set up. Furthermore, its range-extending Points have doubled as Google’s smart speakers now.

However, it doesn’t support Wi-Fi 6, but there are a couple do current-gen upgrades that Nest Wi-Fi offers. That, and with its latest design, aims to help you keep things in the open, where they can perform at a better rate. Nest Wi-Fi is another ideal router that will fit right in your smart home.

Also, most smart home products are compatible with Nest Wi-Fi.

Netgear Orbi (dual-band, AC1200)

This mesh router has isn’t as popular as the Nest Wi-Fi, as it still lacks a system that is offered by Nest. That being said, the latest, affordable Netgear Orbi system has some perks that perhaps other mesh routers might not have.

It’s by far a great value pick for a Wi-Fi signal within the mesh category. You’ll get a two-device setup, alongside a Wi-Fi router and a Wi-Fi extender that is of a single range, all in just $150. This is at cheap as a mesh network gets.

Moreover, it also matches the speed of Eero and Nest. As a matter of fact, Netgear Orbi among the three systems had the fastest average speed at the closest range. This will work perfectly with your smart home products.


Most of us usually use our smartphones with the Wi-Fi router daily. The above-mentioned three routers are in fact smart Wi-Fi routers. You can easily control them through their apps.

Adding smart home automation in your life is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. From benign able to control your light and lock at your fingertips, you need a good Wi-Fi router to help communicate your command in the shortest possible time.

We hope this read gave you an insight into the best smart Wi-Fi routers out there.

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