4 Tips for trouble-free fuel oil delivery

Whether you have been using propane for domestic or commercial purposes, it makes sense to prepare for a hassle-free delivery. Particularly, during the winter months, being off-guard can complicate the fuel oil delivery process. In this post, you will get to know how you can streamline the overall process. The drivers delivering propane gas encounter certain hassles during the winter months. Planning ahead makes sense, as you can save your efforts and time when you receive the fuel oil.

Here are certain guidelines you need to follow to ease up the fuel oil delivery process.

1.     Your house number should be visible to the driver

 The winter months usually keep the heating oil companies busy. Besides, the decreased visibility makes it challenging for the propane gas delivery trucks to navigate to the exact locations. They also need to deliver scores of cylinders and tanks each day. At times, the signboards remain covered by snow.

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to keep your house number visible to the driver. This would ease up the delivery process significantly. It also ensures that the delivery truck would not miss your home and result in delays.

2.     Ensure proper access to the propane gas delivery personnel

Sometimes, the propane gas delivery personnel find it difficult to access the homes due to the presence of gates and fences. It’s natural that you would prioritize the security of your home. However, it makes sense to make the process easier for the delivery personnel to access your place.

Failure to make the area accessible would make it difficult for the driver to position the truck in the right way. They might also find it difficult to position the vehicle close to your home. Besides, their hose pipe might not be long enough to reach your home from the road.

3.     Remove the hurdles from the path

As you know, the propane delivery trucks have long hoses, that would connect your home to the inlet valve. This hose is heavy and large, and the delivery personnel often finds it challenging to carry it if there are hurdles on the path. Therefore, make sure that the entrance to your home is not blocked with trash, unnecessary obstacles, debris, and other items. This would make the process much easier for the delivery personnel.

Check out for fallen twigs or branches, rocks, leaves, and other obstacles that might cause accidents. The delivery personnel might fall or slip on these objects, leading to accidents and delays. Your propane oil supplier should have proper access to the value at your home.

4.     Clear the snow and ice on the way leading to the inlet

Experts further recommend cleaning the ice and snow on the way leading to the inlet. This would ease up the process for the driver and the delivery personnel when they carry the heavy hose. Regardless of the conditions at your place, committed propane gas delivery personnel would try to connect the hose. However, you need to simplify the job as much as possible, helping them access the point. This would lower the chances of injuries, while helping the driver complete the task faster. You simply need a few tools including a shovel to clear the ice from the way.

Contact your nearest propane gas supplier for domestic and commercial needs

No wonder, propane gas significantly eases up your household chores by providing adequate heating, particularly during the winter months. Of course, you would have harsh weather conditions outside. By adopting the mentioned measures, you can ease up the task for the propane delivery personnel significantly. You can contact one of the local suppliers any time you need the gas for domestic or commercial purposes.

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