5 Signs You Have To Get Your Eyes Tested As Soon As Possible

Do you notice eye strain? Do you squint when reading or watching TV?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ it may be time for an eye test.

The eyes are a crucial part of human survival, they enable us to see the world around us and make our way through life without bumping into things. They are also extremely complex and it is important that we look after them.

If eye problems go untreated, eye strain or eye damage can cause loss of vision or even blindness in the worst cases. What Can Make Your Vision Worse? This article will give you 5 signs to look out for if you think your eyes need to be tested and help you understand why eye exams are so important.

1. Eye strain

Eye strain is the most common eye complaint, according to opticians. If you often experience eye strain when doing things like reading or watching TV then your eyes may not be focusing correctly and this could mean that your glasses prescription is wrong. Another sign of eye strain is eye pain around the eye area, especially when focusing on something.

2. Squinting

If you often find yourself squinting to see things, even if your eye sight is fine, then it may be time for an eye test. This is because squinting happens when the eye muscles are too weak to move the eye into position. Eye tests can show exactly how much eye strain is causing the eye muscles to become weaker and, if necessary, give you a stronger prescription.

3. Double vision or blurring

If you often notice double vision when looking at one object, even when wearing your glasses, it is likely that your eye sight needs testing. This could be due to eye damage; high eye pressure or eye muscle problems and eye tests can detect and treat each one. If you find yourself noticing double whenever you move your eyes quickly, or when reading the words jump around the page, it is also a good idea to get eye tested. Blurring vision can be caused by eye damage while double vision is often caused by eye strain which means that both eye problems should be treated as eye damage.

4. Colour blindness

Color blindness occurs when eye inspection reveals that, like one out of every twelve men, you lack the ability to perceive certain colors. This means that these colors appear as shades of grey so it is important eye tests are done regularly because colour blindness is usually an inherited condition and can be passed from parent to child.

5. Floaters and flashes before the eye

Floaters are specks that move about in front of your eye and cause you to see flashing lights in your eye, especially when blinking. If these eye problems go untreated, they can lead to loss of vision but eye tests can detect and treat them so it is important to get eye exams done.

If you notice any of these eye problems then it is a good idea to book eye exams as soon as possible because eye damage can be irreversible so you should treat eye problems quickly and effectively.

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