5 Tips To Planning A Corporate Team Building Activity

Corporate activities are an excellent way to get employees closer, increase team cooperation and strengthen team spirit. Team building is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve team productivity, problem solving & motivation.

Many organizations think team building is a type of training where team members are given some sort of instruction in order to learn teamwork skills. Although team building can include team training, it is much more than that. Understanding what team building entails and its benefits to your team can help you better plan and implement team-building activities in a successful and effective way.

Here are 5 tips for planning a corporate team building activity:

1. Understand The Difference Between Training & Team Building

People often use team building and team training interchangeably. It includes activities that focus on team development and improvement. Team building focuses on processes rather than individual behaviors, while training focuses more on individual performance or skills that need to be improved by members.

2. Make Your Team Building Activity Interesting

It is not about learning. While it does include training, it would only take a small part of the team-building activities you plan and implement. The majority of activities need to be planned and implemented based on your team’s interest. So, the group ended up doing things they enjoy and find interesting.

3. Be On Time

Being punctual shows that you care about team members’ time. If a team building activities run late, people might feel that their time is not respected and the activity was not planned well enough to be scheduled correctly in the first place. It also shows members that their time does not matter, so being on time for team building activities show members that their time matters to you and sets a good example for team-member punctuality.

4. Be Flexible

When it comes to getting everyone together the one thing you need more than any other quality is flexibility. Think of team building as a two-way street: on one side is the team and on the other side is you. Team members need to be allowed to drive this two-way street and navigation decisions should come from them, not from you.

5. Have A Way To Evaluate It

Doing team building well is important because team-building activities help build trust among team members, increase cooperation and understanding of other team members’ perspectives. Evaluation of team building activity ensures that team members are getting the most out of team building.

Evaluation of team-building activities is not about measuring team performance to see if members have gained anything, but rather it’s about asking them what they thought about their experience during team building and how successful they think the activity was in regards to building a sense of team players.

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