Considerations before Hiring Moving Services

With several moving companies operating in Canada, finding one that has not any issues in its business is quite difficult. Appointing a quality mover for your move can be difficult and stressful. The surprising thing is that even after so many legalities and checking all the credentials, scams do happen.

Before selecting one of the reputed condo movers in Toronto, you must consider the following points:

  • Taking a Note of the Inventory: Mostly all Downtown Toronto movers will send a person to your house or will determine the weight and number of items to be sifted through a virtual survey. In order to give you an accurate quote, the person sent by the moving company will thoroughly check the cupboards and other items because the pricing will be decided according to weight and the space your belongings will take in the truck. Be sure everything is explained on paper and clear to understand.
  • No Big Deposit: Established and reputable Great Toronto movers will take the money only after the transition is completed. If the company asks for a large amount in advance then keep a distance from it because paying large amounts in advance means giving the company a chance for fraud. You may not even see your stuff again. Never pay in cash as a fraudster company will not leave any proof behind.
  • Say no to Companies that Switch Names: A number of companies switch their names from time to time to avoid legalities and formalities. The company you hire should have local address and proper license and insurance from the local authorities. Hire only those Downtown Toronto movers that can show you their federal and state license number. Once you have decided to find out about a couple of companies, go through their websites and try to find out the reviews of customers and if there are any unsatisfied customers and what were the reasons.
  • Referrals: Word of mouth reference is always appreciated in finding such services as movers. You can ask your friends and relatives or you can find out a reputed company by getting a list of Great Toronto movers from the movers association in Canada. You should ask about at least three clients that have recently made a move in your area. You can call those customers and ask them about their experience about the move.
  • Be Careful About Extra Cost: All the condo movers in Toronto have their own specific charges about various things such as packing, boxes’ cost etc. You also must mention the type of house you are moving to because they may charge some extra fee if you are moving to a second floor house without a lift. You must negotiate this aspect before the move. When the mover gives you the quote, it must include every cost expected to avoid last minute hassle with the mover.

If you are searching for a good mover, thinking upon all the above considerations is essential as it will help you in finding a good and reputed mover in Toronto or you can trust Let’s Get Moving, a moving company trusted by many and in the business since long.

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