Exploring the pros and cons of popular trading strategies

We all know very well that without a strategy it is impossible to survive in the field of currency exchange. Why? It is because the currency trading market is so volatile that to get used to such volatility, investors need to come up with some high-profile plans based on market theories. Now, these strategies are shortcuts because there is no quick way of making money in this industry.

Before taking exams we all adopt some plans like making a routine to revise our studies, packing our bags beforehand so that we don’t forget any necessary stationary item, etc. A strategy also works similarly. It helps with the preparation for a trade execution so that we can end a trade profitable. It can also be used to minimize losses. So, no matter how a strategy is used, its main aim is to properly implement money management policies in the field of trading.

A good Forex strategy helps participants to analyze the market more thoroughly and clearly before making a move to sign a contract. Now, though most of the investors adopt strategies in their trading, not many of them get their fruitful result. That is because not many traders know how important it is to choose the right strategy for their trading endevours. All strategies have their advantages but they only work when they are applied appropriately. So, this discussion is only for those who are looking for a perfect strategy for their investment.

Price action

This is the study of the historical price changes of a commodity to analyze the technical sector of the market. Looking at the past market can be used as an important indicator to understand the happenings of the future market. For example, if you do not analyze what the price of a product was before, you will not be able to tell what the price might be in the future. This strategy can be used at any time like higher time frames, weekly time frames, or lower time frames. It is also useful when you are looking at multiple time frames in your trade. Being a price action trader, you always have to evaluate the candlestick pattern formations. So, we highly recommend that you use Bank Dubai as they always offer the best possible trading environment to the clients.

Range trading

This is a strategy that requires a lot of fundamental analysis and market study but the probability of making a profit after adopting this strategy is very high. This strategy helps an investor to buy products at a cheaper price and sell those products at a much higher price. This strategy is mainly implemented by constantly monitoring the support and resistance levels. This strategy can also work at any time.


Looking at the trendlines can be a huge help if you trying to look for a good breakout opportunity to invest in some stocks. An uptrend indicates that it is the opportunity for traders to go long on their positions as they can sell their stocks at a higher price here. On the other hand, investors go short on downtrends. To have an idea of where a trend is going, investors can draw the trendlines to sync with the market so that they can speculate about market changes beforehand. This strategy is very useful when you are trying to take a look at a greater picture of the market and this is also a quicker way to help you understand the changes in the market.

Day trading

This is the strategy where investors hold on to their positions for a short time from a few minutes to a whole day. if the only thing that you lack in starting your trading journey is time then this is the right strategy for you. You can also enjoy various trading opportunities by investing in this method. However, this strategy also comes with high risks if they are not managed properly.

This article is an outline of some of the most common strategies that you will need for technical analysis in trading. However, whenever you are trying to pursue a strategy, make sure that you try them out beforehand to see how compatible they are with your trading style.

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