Five tips for moving with your pet

Moving homes is a stressful affair, more so for our pets. No matter the distance, be it a move across the street or overseas, the change is very stressful both cats and dogs. Pet owners need to be very sensitive and considerate towards their pets while planning a move.

Proper planning is very important while moving with cats or moving with dogs. From organizing your belongings, planning the route and day of travel to packing a small handy kit for your pet, all steps are essential for a seamless move. With pet relocation services, the shifting process can become hassle free for both you and your pet.

Tips for moving with a pet

The below tips can help make the move smooth and keep your pet happy and healthy.

  1. Check-in with your vet: Schedule an appointment with your vet ahead of the move. The vet will ensure that your pet is healthy, and all vaccines are up to date. Make sure you collect a copy of the records, as this will help when you sign-up with a new vet.
  2. Do some research about the new neighborhood: Before you move to the new place, research about the pet policies and amenities of the area. Some cities require pet registration or specific types of collar tags. It is good to be aware of these before you move, so that you can plan well ahead.
  3. Pack a handy pet bag: Amidst all the packing and chaos, it is common to lose track of your pet’s belongings. Pack a small pet bag with food, bowls, toys and some towels. So, when you need these things, you do not have to sift through all your boxes.
  4. Give them extra love and attention: It is obvious you will be exhausted with all the packing and shifting. But at the end of the day make sure you show your pet extra love and care. Your pet will need some time to settle in the new place and the new routine. Allow them that time.
  5. Use a pet transportation company: If you cannot accompany your pet in the travel, using the services of a pet moving company is helpful. These agencies offer a door-to-door service, which means they pick your pet from your current residence and drop them at the new destination.

Things to look for in a pet moving company

You will pick the best of everything for your pet, right? While hiring a company to move with your pet, the same rule must apply. When you search for a company, your search results will be infinite. With so many options available, you will be left wondering how you should choose a good company. Look for the below things in the company, to make sure you are making the right choice.

  1. Choose a company who knows the local laws and guidelines. This is very important because every city has different rules related to pets.
  2. Opt for a company that offers door-to-door service. This will make sure that the process is hassle-free for you, and you have nothing to worry about.
  3. Choose a company, where you witness compassion in the agent’s voice and tone. The company must treat your pet with the same love and care as you.
  4. Ask them how they manage the paperwork. The paperwork must be done well in advance to avoid any last-minute hiccups.

Hiring the right company is very essential, so that when your pet comes to you it is happy and in the best of their health. They must look the same loving friend of yours, whose responsibility you had given to the company.

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