How can I take care of my eyes in winter?

Winter is known for plummeting temperatures which affect the entire body system. One of the organs that require good care in winter is the eyes. As a result, you should know how to care for your eyes correctly to avoid issues because winter is one of the seasons popular for eye-related issues. Meanwhile, here are some of the ways to care for your eyes in winter to avoid endless visits to your optometrist.

1. Avoid Dry Eyes

The ‘dry eyes’ condition is very common in winter because of cold and dry air. The use of the heater to keep warm also makes the air dry, causing discomfort and irritation. As a result, ensure that your eyes have an adequate supply of water by drinking plenty of water. You can also use a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Another way to keep your eyes moist is to use lubricating eye drops or artificial tears. From the above, your eyes will not be dry. Remember to stay adequately hydrated.

2. Wear UV-Protected Sunglasses

It is only during summers that your eyes can get exposed to the harmful UV rays, UV-rays are always out there regardless is the season. To protect your eyes, use sunglasses made specially to protect your eyes from UV rays. Keep in mind that the sun can harm your eyes not only when it is harsh. Wear UV-protected sunglasses that can block 99-100 percent UV rays whenever you are outside, walking or driving to avoid eye problems and sunburn.

3. Eat Healthily

Eating correct nutrition is essential in winter. Nutritious foods will nourish your body and eyes and build your immunity. Strengthen your eyes from inside by eating foods that are beneficial to the Eyes. Diets that contain vitamins A and C are especially good for your eyes during the winter. Indulge in spinach and carrots to strengthen your eyes. Your optometrist may also recommend some foods depending on your eye condition.

4. Avoid Harmful Habits

Some habits like smoking and using excessive makeup, especially mascara, may affect your eyes beyond your understanding in the winter. Smoking will cause your eyes to dry and makeup or cosmetics entering your eyes will affect your eye health. Minimize these habits to have healthy eyes in the winter.

5. Visit the Optometrist

It is important to schedule regular eye check-ins with your optometrist for an eye examination, care, and advice. If required, you will be given a prescription, contact lenses, or glasses to minimize the impact of the weather on your eyes. Do not forget that you need to visit your optometrist during winters for a checkup.


Follow the tips above to take care of your eyes in winter. Healthy eyes are crucial for healthy living.

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