How Can You Treat Bed Bugs Infestation at Home?

Bedbugs are another household insect that you can find in most houses and hotels. They are hitchhiking type of insects and can move from one location to others through people and their belongings like suitcases, dresses, or any other belongings.

Once they get infested in any house, it becomes very difficult to remove them entirely. However, in this article, we shall discuss a few things that can help in traitement contre les punaises de lit (English meaning is bed bug treatment).

Following are a few actions that you may take to treat the menace of bed bugs.

  • Reduce clutter

Get all your items e.g. soft toys, stuffed animals, blankets, electronics, etc. removed and also anything that never stays in your room permanently. Remember that items taken from the infested portion may transfer bed bugs too. It is better to bag them inside plastic bags with strips.

  • Dismantle bed frames

By dismantling your bed frames particularly in infested areas, you can expose hiding sites of bed bugs. So, during cleaning these areas, you must access such areas properly. Use a torch or flashlights and try to see all the fabrics carefully and ensure that no bed bugs are present.

If your fabric is torn, then remove it or spray over it. If your box spring or mattress are infested, then consider proper encasements to keep all your mattresses safe. If the mattresses remain covered with such encasements, then bed bugs may not enter easily. If you have encasement then there will be no need of treating them.

  • Remove dresser drawers

Frequently remove drawers from your dressers as bed bugs usually prefer to remain hidden in such areas. You may also turn furniture over for inspecting and cleaning all hiding spots. You must pull all the furniture from the walls.

  • Caulk and seal

You may seal and caulk the all the holes where pipes as well as wires penetrate through the floors and walls, in order to fill all cracks around baseboards and molding, and thereby reducing any harboring areas.

  • Clean the area

Vacuum your room extensively and scrub the entire infested surfaces by using a stiff brush and dislodge eggs. Use your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum all cracks and crevices present on furniture, walls, baseboards, bed stands, rails, footboards, headboards, bed seams, buttons, tufts, edges of your bedding, and the carpet edges.

Usually, bed bugs cling very tightly to surfaces, hence vacuum by scraping at the vacuum attachment’s end over the areas infested to pull out all the bed bugs.

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