How often should you inspect your roof?

Repairing a roof may prove to be expensive if it has incurred severe damage. This explains why it makes sense to get your roof repaired when the time is right. Fixing the problems before they grow up can help you save a significant amount of money. Now, how would you detect issues at an early stage? The easiest way to do so is to inspect your roof at regular intervals. Thorough roof inspections reveal potential problems early on, allowing homeowners to arrange for timely repairs.

When is the right time to have your roof inspected?

Ideally, you should arrange for roof inspections twice a year. This way, you would be able to keep away major issues from building up. However, apart from the scheduled checkups, you might also want to get your roof inspected on the following occasions:

  1. After a heavy storm

Bad weather is one of the main factors that cause damage to roofs. Heavy rain and strong winds can wreak enough havoc to make you need your insurance claims. In case of a severe weather event, check your roof immediately after to see if it has suffered any damage. Depending on the extent of damage, you may want to get it repaired at the soonest.

  1. Incidents with trees

While tree coverage over a home turns out to be pleasant in terms of greenery and shade, it can also pose a threat. Broken tree branches can potentially fall on your roof and damage it. In case your home has tree coverage over it and there have been recent incidents of branches falling off, check if any of those have landed on your roof.

  1. Aging roof

The frequency of inspections would increase with the age of your roof. The older your roof gets, the more prone it would be to damage. If your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan, consult a reliable roofing company and seek their advice on how often you should schedule roof inspections. You might also want to invest in a preventive maintenance program to extend the lifespan of your roof and minimize the chances of major damages.

What to look for during a roof inspection?

Various signs may indicate potential damages to the roofing system. Looking out for the right signs would help you diagnose problems with ease. Professionals usually pay attention to the following details:

  • Curling or clawing shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Cracked, buckling, or blistering shingles
  • Damaged rubber boots around chimneys or other pipes
  • Lichen and moss patches
  • Spots and cracks on metal flashings

A professional team would take care to identify every minute problem, as it doesn’t take long for a small issue in a roof to grow to something that requires expensive repairs.

Why is it necessary to identify and fix problems in the roof without delay?

Even if the damage isn’t serious enough to pose a major hazard to the inhabitants immediately, you would want to have it patched up as soon as possible. This is because:

  • Roof repairs are relatively inexpensive when the damage isn’t as significant.
  • If your roof is old, the damage can quickly spread.
  • A damaged roof gives burglars an easy way into your home.
  • Unwanted plants can grow in cracks and quickly spread their roots, causing widespread structural damage to your home.
  • A powerful storm can easily knock away loosened or damaged parts of your roof.

It would be a smart decision to find a reliable roofing company near you. Inspect your roof as needed and at regular intervals. A leading roof replacement company should be able to provide you with emergency services if you notice a major problem.

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