How to clean swimming pool steps

Do you know the best time to clean your swimming pool steps? The summer season is the epic time to offer swimming pool services. Drain your swimming pool during the winter season and clean it thoroughly. If you know how to clean a green swimming pool, cleaning stairs will be simple for you. The following process will guide you through.

Step 1

Mix ½ gallon of a cleaning detergent with hot water in a container. Use a general cleaner that will kill germs and remove stains, mildew, and algae from the stairs.

Step 2

Use a brush scrub to apply the mixture you have made on the steps of the pool. You should scrub lightly.

Step 3

If the pool steps have stains, apply a combination of vinegar and baking soda to the stains. The fizzling of the combination is the best way to remove the dirt and stains. You won’t do vigorous scrubbing.

Step 4

After 15 minutes, use the scrubbing brush to scrub the stairs. Ensure you attend to all parts of the steps for maximum cleaning.

Step 5

Pour the residue of the chemical and water mixture in the container on the steps for rinsing. After the rinse, use fresh, clean water to rinse again. Your pool steps are now clean. In case of any stain remaining, apply a new chemical to the areas and repeat the cleaning procedure.

Clean steps are a pathway to swimming pool enjoyment. Ensure your pool is clean for it to be attractive. A clean swimming pool will reduce the chances of contracting different diseases.

The most important thing is to go for better cleaning detergents that won’t corrode your pool or your hands. When the summer season flicks in, your pool is ready to serve you.

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