Septic tank cleaning: Things to avoid

Septic tank cleaning is a regular property maintenance task necessary for residential and commercial properties alike. Not cleaning your septic tank can lead to various problems in the septic systems that would eventually result in expensive repairs. However, it is equally important to do it right. Major mistakes while cleaning a septic tank can prove to be counterproductive.

Mistakes that you would want to avoid

While arranging for your bi-annual septic tank cleaning, you would want to avoid mistakes that can potentially damage the system or hinder its functioning in various ways. Some of the most common ones among them are:

  1. Using anti-bacterial products

While there are plenty of septic tank and drain cleaning products in the market, not all of these are actually suitable for the purpose. Many of them contain harsh chemicals or are anti-bacterial in nature. Do not let yourself be fooled into thinking that killing the bacteria is a good idea. Various bacteria present in the septic tank actually help it function by breaking down the waste. Killing the bacteria would prevent the septic system from working as intended.

  1. Not taking care of the drain field

While cleaning septic tanks, most people tend to forget about the drain field. For sure, cleaning the tank and the pipes is crucial. However, the drain field requires care too. It performs the essential function of filtering wastewater before the water seeps down underground. A faulty drain field can result in the contamination of groundwater or a sewage backup. Hence, it is highly advisable to clean the draining field thoroughly.

  1. Not hiring reliable professionals

To curtail the costs, many individuals take up DIY septic tank cleaning projects or simply hire anyone offering services at low rates. However, this can potentially result in problems that would cost you far more money than you can save by not hiring a reputed company for the job. After all, experienced professionals know the right way to clean a septic tank without any negative effects. Check out leading companies near your home that offer septic tank cleaning services.

How to take better care of your septic system?

The better you take care of your septic system, the longer would be its lifespan and the lower would be its maintenance costs. Follow the steps mentioned below to keep your septic system in a good condition in between professional cleaning:

  1. Do not flush the wrong things

Toilets are meant for flushing down only water and waste. However, many individuals make the mistake of using the toilet to dispose of baby wipes and other products. Unlike waste, these may not break down and can result in clogs and other problems. This is actually the reason behind a large percentage of drainage issues in septic tanks.

  1. Pump the septic tank timely

You would have to get your septic tank emptied and pumped at regular intervals. Not doing so can result in severe issues down the road. Do not delay your septic tank pumping sessions and hire a reliable company for the job. Professionals can help you determine how often you need to pump your septic tank. Generally, the frequency would depend on the capacity of the tank and how much usage it undergoes.

  1. Look out for warning signs

Septic tank problems do not occur overnight. Instead, they build up over a period of time. Be wary of signs of trouble, such as foul odors, slow drainage in sinks and toilets, and noticeably healthy grass over the drainage field. If you notice any of these, contact a professional septic tank maintenance company immediately.

By hiring the right professionals at the right time, you can help your septic tank function properly for longer and require fewer repairs and less maintenance.

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