The Belkyra © & The Soft Lift ©: All You Need To Know Before Getting Started

Modern non-invasive, anti-aging skin care treatments have become widely popular. More and more people prefer these treatments over cosmetic surgery to achieve youthful and fresher looks. These regimens have minimal downtime, provide long-lasting results, and deliver natural-looking results. Belkyra and Soft Lift are among the most popular of these treatments. It is important to know a few things about these anti-aging treatments before you choose them.

The Double-Chin Problem

Double chin is an increasingly common problem among both genders. A study by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery found that over 67% of consumers are concerned about having a double chin. The study also found 69% of consumers wanted to get rid of wrinkles and lines around their eyes. Double chin is also known as submental fullness. It affects both men and women and its common risk factors include:

  • Genetics
  • Aging
  • Weight gain

Using exercise and diet regimens have been found to be mostly ineffective in treating this problem.

Belkyra as a Treatment

Belkyra is an injectable aesthetic treatment. The injectable comprises deoxycholic acid and is a safe and proven treatment solution for excess under-chin fat. It is the first FDA and Health Canada-approved injectable treatment for adults that improves the look and definition of submental fat.

Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring molecule that helps both break down and absorb dietary fat. When it is injected into the fat, it will work by destroying fat cells. Once the cells are destroyed, they cannot get stored in the body.

Key Features

Some of the key features of the Belkyra treatment are as follows:

  • The substance is injected in a grid pattern under the chin
  • The treatment is tailored to the unique condition of each patient
  • 2 to 3 sessions are usually required to achieve the desired results

The actual treatment plan will be customized by your doctor after a thorough consultation and assessment. Your doctor will help determine the required number of treatments after assessing the chin profile. While some patients require no more than 2 treatment sessions, others may require up to 6 sessions provided over a period of 30 days.

Soft Lift as Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

Soft Lift is also a non-invasive skin care treatment focused on treating anti-aging developments. It offers the benefits of both Botox and Juvederm, providing you with a softer, smoother, and youthful look and feel.

Soft Lift is beneficial in providing the following benefits against aging:

  • Wrinkles around the eyes
  • Loss of volume
  • Brow lines
  • Chin dimpling
  • Smokers’ lines
  • Nasolabial folds

This is an effective and non-invasive alternative to a traditional facelift. It targets the same areas of the face to provide a faster and safer way for natural-looking facial rejuvenation.

Key Features

The treatment involves injecting both Botox and Juvederm under the skin. An ultra-fine needle is used, and topical gel application may be used to make the procedure comfortable. Typically, the treatment takes no more than 60 minutes to complete. The duration will, however, depend on your goals and how much area needs to be treated.

The results of Soft Lift can last for long. However, the results are not permanent, and it is recommended to undergo repeat treatments every 3 to 5 months to maintain the looks. It is a safe cosmetic treatment, and you should not expect anything more than the mild and temporary side effects of swelling, redness, and tenderness at the most. Your doctor will provide you with all the information about side effects and expectations.

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