5 tips to promote your food truck on social media

Social media is a powerful marketing force in today’s world. In fact, over 70% of the entire U.S. population regularly uses at least one social platform. What that means for your food truck business is that social media can help you bring in more hungry customers from all over your area. Here are five social media marketing strategies to help you promote your food truck.

Use only the most mouth-watering social media graphics

Millions and millions of posts are uploaded to social media every day. And many of those posts come from professional content creators. If you want your marketing efforts to stand out on social media, you need to use only the best of the best graphics and videos.

Since you’re busy serving customers all over your city, you likely don’t have time to design amazing graphics from scratch — and basic cell phone pictures just won’t cut it! The best way to maintain a professional social media appearance is to use social media graphics templates.

All you need to do to create professional online content is to browse through the templates, choose one that best fits your food truck’s style, fill in your unique information, and you’re ready to post. People will be flocking to your truck because of your mouth-watering posts in no time!

Engage with other social media users and pages

There’s one thing that many marketing professionals forget to do on social media, and it’s right in the name. It’s important to be social.

Social media is a unique marketing platform because it allows you to actively engage with your audience. Reply to comments and direct messages (DMs) from your followers to build a rapport. You can also comment on your followers’ posts or even posts from other businesses around town to get your name in front of more people online.

The more engaging you are on social media, the more positively people will feel about your brand. The next time they pass your food truck on the street, they’ll have to stop in and see the friendly folks they’ve been talking to online.

Go behind the scenes

Everyone likes to see what things are really like behind the scenes of their favorite businesses, and food trucks are no different. Posts and videos about how you make your iconic dishes are an almost-guaranteed hit on social media. Plus, it’ll show your customers how seriously you take your culinary endeavors and food safety protocols — which is very important for any food service business.

Not only does behind-the-scenes footage showcase your amazing food, but you can also show off your amazing staff. Let your customers get to know you and your team and all the amazing personalities behind the counter. It’s another great way to engage with your followers.

These behind-the-scenes shots can be very informal. In fact, the informality of them could make it more fun to watch! However, keep your branding in mind when you post to social media. The video of your cook cracking jokes might be funny, but it doesn’t fit the “professional content” requirement for your page.

Instead, these off-the-cuff photos and videos make great Reels on Instagram and Facebook. Reels are short videos and photos that are automatically deleted after 24 hours. Your followers will get to watch it, enjoy your unique personality, and the content will go away after a while without filling your permanent social media profile with off-brand content.  

Showcase new menu items (or secret items)

Because it’s so easy to post new content, social media is a great way to keep your followers up to date with the latest happenings around your food truck. Updates like where you’re going to be and new menu items are sure to get plenty of attention from your followers.

If you want to grow your social media following quickly, consider posting some secret menu items to your feed.

Everyone likes to feel special. Your regular followers won’t be able to resist trying a taste of this “secret” dish, encouraging them to head straight to your food truck for lunch. And if you tell customers at your truck to follow you on social media for some secret social-only deals, they’ll be pulling out their phones to follow your page before their order is ready!

The easier it is to locate your food truck and find some delicious eats, the more likely people will pay you a visit at mealtime. Keep your followers updated with all the information they need to enjoy your tasty morsels.

And don’t forget: Make sure your new and secret menu items look absolutely amazing in your posts. Take the time to frame the image or video so your followers will almost want to jump through their devices’ screens to try it! The tastier your content looks, the better!

Be consistent

Users have so much content to look through on social media that their attention spans aren’t quite what they used to be. That means if you don’t post to your various social media platforms regularly, your followers might forget about you!

The best way to stay top-of-mind with your followers is to set a posting schedule. For each platform you use, set a specific day and time each week to make a post. Ideally, you should aim to post at least once per day, especially when your food truck changes locations.

Setting a schedule is a great way to keep yourself on track, so social media marketing doesn’t fall to the wayside during the chaos of everyday life in a food truck.

Build your food truck followers on social media

The best marketing strategies are the ones that reach your ideal audience where they spend their time. In 2023, that place is social media!

If you want to get more customers to your food truck, build a winning social media marketing strategy by using only the highest quality social media graphics, engage with other users online, show some behind-the-scenes content, post new (and secret) menu items, and be consistent with your marketing efforts. When everything works together, you’ll have a line down the block waiting for a taste of your food truck’s delicious plates.

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