Give Your Sports Bike That Additional Protection With These 4 Bike Insurance Add-Ons

Owning and riding a sports bike is no less than an adventure! Therefore, it is quite natural that those who own these bikes would want the best for their precious two-wheeled beasts! So, when it comes to insuring your bike against any unforeseen events, you would want the best bike insurance with comprehensive coverage. However, even the most comprehensive policy may not cover certain risks that your sports bike is prone to. Here, add-ons may be of immense help. But which add-ons are suitable for a sports bike? We answer this question in this article.

  1. Zero Depreciation add-on

Depreciation refers to the gradual decrease in the value of the vehicle as a result of daily wear and tear.  The older your sports bike gets, the more its depreciation increases. Generally, when you raise a claim on your two-wheeler insurance policy, the insurer takes into account the depreciation value of the bike before paying you the compensation. With a zero- depreciation add-on, the insurer has to pay you the full amount without subtracting the depreciation value, regardless of how high it is.

A sports bike is more often than not made with expensive and premium equipment and accessories. In case of unfortunate accidents where these parts get damaged and require repair, the bill may be quite hefty. Having a zero-depreciation cover ensures you to a certain extent that these expenses will be taken care of majorly by the insurer.

  1. Engine protection add-on

Bike lovers often say that the engine is the heart of the bike. If anything were to happen to the heart of the bike, it could lead to severe problems in its overall functioning. This is even more relevant in sports bikes which have a bigger impact on the smooth efficiency of the vehicle. Therefore, just as humans go the extra step to take care of their heart health, one must go the extra step and opt for an engine protection add-on to protect their sports bike’s engine. This bike insurance add-on provides coverage to your bike against damages arising from natural calamities, oil leakage, mechanical issues, and so on.

  1. Return to invoice

If your vehicle is deemed as a total loss, this two wheeler insurance add-on allows you to receive the original invoice price of your sports bike. This price is inclusive of road tax and registration charges. Sports bikes tend to be expensive. And while your bike cannot be replaced, you can rest assured that you have received the due compensation for your loss with this add-on.

  1. Roadside assistance 

Sports bikes are heavy, that is no secret. Now, imagine if your bike suffers a mechanical breakdown in the middle of a deserted road and the nearest garage is several miles away! Carrying the bike all by yourself would prove to be a huge task. This is where the roadside assistance add-on comes to help. With the aid of this add-on, you can reach out to your insurer and they will assist you in getting your bike repaired. This bike insurance add-on is quite useful if you travel long distances with your sports bike.

Depending on the uses you have planned for your sports bike, you may want to opt for other add-ons as well. To find out about the same, you can search for ‘insurance for two-wheeler add-ons’ or you can talk to an insurance agent. Good luck and remember to ride safe.

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