Keter Group Touts Sustainable Living; Showcases Lakeside Collection Ahead of Busy Season

Founded more than 75 years ago, Keter Group has garnered a reputation for its work in the home and garden decor world. Designing sustainable furniture built around its unique sustainable resin materials, Keter has developed an expansive catalog that brings refined products at unbeatable prices to the homes of people around the world.

Founded in Israel, Keter has enjoyed prosperity and growth under the guidance of CEO Alejandro Pena. Taking time to tout the importance of its sustainable practices, Pena and the team at Keter laid out some information regarding its newest product launch: the Keter Lakeside Collection.

Introducing the Keter Lakeside Collection

Keter has been a longtime leader in sustainable manufacturing, and they’ve arrived at that place through recycling partnerships and eco-friendly sourcing practices. In addition to its work creating better and more sustainable products, Keter has earned a reputation for making products that are as durable as they are beautiful, and the Lakeside Collection is no exception.

Keter CEO Alejandro Pena stated, “They believe the future is bright and that together we can build a better company and, most importantly, a better world for future generations.”

The Lakeside Collection by Keter Group showcases what the company does so well: eye-pleasing designs, outdoor functionality, longevity and durability, and unbeatable pricing. The Lakeside Collection is built around its Adirondack-style chairs that are developed with longevity in mind. Rounding out the Lakeside Collection are the Premium Lakeside Round Outdoor Side Table, the Rockford Outdoor Trash Can, and the Keter Outdoor Cooler.

Pena added, “Every single day, our employees rise to the occasion.”

The Adirondack-style chairs developed by Keter are built with all of the benefits and features that consumers are used to. The Lakeside Collection comes available in six varieties of styles all backed by LumberTech materials and SunGuard Technology to prevent fading. LumberTech is made from recycled materials, typically milk containers, which lends to the sustainability of the product line.

Sustainable Goals of Tomorrow

Even with the launch of the Lakeside Collection, Keter Group continues to hammer home the importance of its sustainability missions. The Lakeside Collection is just one step further in Keter’s goal of increasing its use of recycled materials up to 55% by 2025 in all of its production lines.

Keter Group has also taken the additional step of centrally locating its manufacturing facilities around regions where its products will be sold, cutting its carbon footprint by eliminating an extra step in the transportation process.

Ultimately, Keter is dedicated to providing customers with products that are better for the communities they exist in as well as the planet entirely. Keter is allocating additional resources to continually reduce its greenhouse gas emissions en route to creating zero waste to landfill production by the year 2025.

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