Are You Having Trouble Buying A Watch?

We all love to keep with the latest trend in fashion. However, fashion is a broad term consisting of clothes, accessories and make-up.

Now and then, new designs come up. It is then up to you to decide which design you want. However, it can be quite a confusing task.

Sometimes you may go to the mall searching for the perfect dress but find that everything looks fantastic and you are left in a dilemma.

To avoid being in such a situation, an elaborate idea of what you want should be in place. Accessories also require the same attention. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a watch;


Wristwatches are grouped into two; analogue and digital.

Analogue watches are those still clock hands with numbers or roman numerals. They are easier to use and are primarily used for luxurious events such as business meetings.

Digital watches are those that display numbers on their faces. They are primarily used in sporty activities. They are pretty complicated due to the numerous settings that you can do on them.


With today’s technology and creativity, watches have been created to do more than tell time. Depending on what you plan on using the watch, its features should be among the first things you consider.

Watches used for sporting activities have unique features that make them suitable for that specific use.

However, it should be noted that there are programmable watches that can be converted for different uses.


Each watch is created and designed differently from the other. The watches differ in terms of shape, size and type of straps. Visiting a shop such as oris rubber strap that offers a variety will allow you to explore all your options before selecting one.

Different watch designs are suitable for certain activities. For example, you are not expected to wear a luxurious watch to the gym, yet watches are designed specifically for sporting activities.

It would be best to remember that you could have a watch made depending on your specifications and preferences. You may have to spend more due to its excessive nature.


The type of material used in making a watch says a lot about that watch.

Watches are made from canvas, gold, silver or plastic. The type of material used determines the price of the watch.

As you select, ensure that you are comfortable with the material that has been used to make the watch since it will give people an idea about you.

Case size and style

The size of your wrist determines the size of the case and the face of the watch.

The larger your wrist is, the larger the face and case of your wrist are, and vice versa is true.


The brand is a crucial factor to consider if you are buying a watch for aesthetic value. Those that are well known for being worn by celebrities would be appropriate for you.

Buying a brand means that you are buying its recognition and reputation. You should know therefore that the watch is eye-catching and well-known.

Dress code

Just like any other accessory, watches need to be compatible with your wardrobe.

There are specific colours that blend well with each other. Having watches of different colours ensures that you have a watch for each outfit you may be planning to wear.

Neutral colours such as black, gold or silver are a must-have. These colours can blend with just any colour.

Source of power

Generally, watches can be classified based on their sources of power. These classifications are;

  • Those powered by batteries have to be changed once they become depleted.
  • Those that get power when you rotate your wrist.
  • Those that are powered up by rotating the watch.
  • Those that are powered by placing it in the sun

When considering this, it is essential to ensure that you understand what the watch requires in power sources.


Watches that can produce light are suitable for use at night or in a dimly lit room.

The watches also provide entertainment as one could play around with the light produced to pass the time.


Some watches are pretty heavy hence becoming burdens since they can hinder you from performing your tasks properly.

A good watch should not be too heavy. It should be so light that you don’t even notice that you are wearing a watch.

If you find a watch that meets all your expectations but is too heavy, you can have the straps replaced with lighter leather.

Water-resistance property.

All watches have water resistance up to a certain level. Watches used for sporting activities have the highest water resistance ability since one could even swim with them.

You should find out about this property before placing the watch in water or contact with water.

Price range.

Before deciding on the type of watch you want, you should have a budget. The watches are pretty expensive. Thus, you should be ready to spend quite a lot.

Availability of parts.

Watches get damaged and require to be repaired, or some parts replaced, and it will be as good as new. The availability of those parts is what determines how fast you will repair the watch.

At times, however, you may be required to import some parts. You could end up spending more compared to buying a new watch.

The above factors should help you in selecting a watch that suits all your needs.

It would help if you took caution as you decide where to buy the watch, be it a physical shop or an online shop.

You should ensure that all the watches sold in that shop are legitimate, and you can still claim compensation in case of any complication with the watch. The shop should also have a service centre where the maintenance of the watches take place.

You get the assurance that they are reliable.

If you decide to buy a luxury watch, treat it the same way you treat a business investment.

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