Considering Flowering plants over single cut flowers

If you mean to make an immediate impression on someone by a gift of flowers, you will want to buy cut flowers that have been nicely arranged, perhaps in a vase and accompanied by a card. Fully bloomed flowers are emphatic, direct, unequivocal. They speak of a fully bloomed affection, care, or an immediately felt sympathy. Most of us think that giving such flowers is the proper way to give them, and indeed, in most cases, it is appropriate. However, there are occasions when giving indoor flowering plants that have not yet bloomed is not only appropriate but also exactly what you want to convey.

Floral plants

Giving indoor flower plants as a gift may not have the same impact as a colourful bouquet that instantly brightens the environment, that fills the room with savoury fragrances, that catches the eye and announces to everyone your regard for the receiver. Although its stalk may be vibrant and emphatic, that may break up space and give the eye something on which to rest; the plant does not arrest the attention like a multi-coloured bouquet.

If you are looking to have your feelings stand out for the moment, indoor plants are not appropriate. But if you mean to assert your feelings for the receiver of your gift subtly, if you mean to convey a sense of hope, a promise of beauty and joy, if you mean to suggest the growth and vitality of your feelings, a gift of indoor flower plants can fill the bill.

The downside to cut floral arrangements

Cut flowers celebrate the moment and the feelings of the moment, but then they wither. The petals fall and darken, and our thoughts shift to the sadness of the truth that all things must pass away. We tend to remember the flowers’ beauty and to forget its passing, and if we would remember it thereafter, we can save the petals, or take a photograph. The sad part of the cut flower’s life cycle is far exceeded by the joy when these are given to us, and even though its beauty passes, the memory of its beauty and the sentiment it represents stays with us.

The upside to gifting plants with bloom

With indoor flower plants, the joy of the experience is in the blossoms that finally result, and the plant’s growth in the mystery of life we witness and aid. A relationship is created between the plant and its caretaker, a kind of child-parent relationship in which we, the parent, nurture and care for the plant as if it were a child. If this is a delight to the receiver of our gift, it is a long-lasting one, one that brings the giver to mind for days, weeks, months and even years. It’s as if the giver is constantly present, even if only subconsciously. An indoor flower plant is an excellent gift if you’ll be separated from the recipient for days, weeks, or months. It will keep your relationship ever-present, alive, and ultimately beautiful.


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